World Coordinates to Screen Coordinates

I recently research some vision tasks. I need to know how to convert world coordinate of models to screen(camera view) coordinates of those.

I’m newbie at Sketup, so I have no way to get it.

Is there any way to to get those?

Not much info to answer. Did you receive a model? Is this for programming?
You cannot change the world coordinates of a model, you can change the drawing axes, though, but that wouldn’t change the world axes.
You can geolocate the model.
More info needed, autoclose in three days…

I’m sure that some Ruby code could be written (and executed inside SketchUp) which would show the screen-pixel (X,Y) coordinates of a chosen feature in the model 3D space - if that is what you want to accomplish. I’m not familiar enough with the available Ruby API methods to know how to do it, but other forum users would know how.

Look at the screen_coords method