Workspace problems (old and new)


The latest version of SU (23.1.340) no longer preserves the previous settings of pallet sizes in trays from the previous work session, as well as tray sizes and positions outside the main program window.

In addition, every time the program is updated, LO does not save the palettes and toolbars created by the user (this is already an old but unsolved problem). Every time after updating the program, everything must be started from scratch.

All this generally slows down the work and discourages you from installing updates as soon as they appear, because there is no time to deal with restoring the workspace settings, which can even be very different from the basic settings.

In SU this problem seems to be solved because the user settings are basically carried over from the previous version, but in LO this is not the case at all.

In fact, a user settings migration tool like many other programs would be required. I’ve talked before about the need to better organize the workspace, allowing you to create several, quickly switchable, depending on the task at hand (as has been done for a long time, for example, in Adobe programs).

I hope that someone from the team will hear this and finally think about how to make the programs more friendly for professional work.


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