Workspace, GUI and maximising visual screen real-estate

As a change to the GUI I would like to be able to set the transparency of all the toolbars, windows, menus, task bar and title bar so that they became ‘solid’ on mouse-over; you could see the model behind them.

I would also like an option to set an “auto-hide” for windows and toolbars - buttons that would fade after x seconds and windows that would roll-up if your cursor has abandoned it for x seconds. Buttons and title bars fade in as your cursor approaches them again.

As another cool feature, I would like to be able to “group” buttons under the same button space so that the button would reflect the current tool, but hovering (or specific click or scrolling while mouse depressed or dragging the button in a specific direction or…) would expand to show other buttons under the same group (or scroll through them)

I would like the ability to position the fields from the “entity info” and “status bar” (and maybe some info from the “model info” window) as over-lay text about the screen. Actually, it would be cool if some of this could be tied to the specific geometry like a text call-out.

The ability to save/load the working space - perhaps to the 3D warehouse so that any machine I log into could pull this info and apply it to the new working space. (Possibly save/share/swap work space layouts depending on the task at hand: include a default template with it. I could have one set up for ‘walk throughs’, one for ‘editing’ and one for creating components.)

A common one with the higher resolution monitors would be the ability to have different sized buttons/commands - except I would go one step further and ask to be able to tie the size of the button to the scale of the toolbar it’s attached to so that different toolbars could be set to different button sizes.

Another cool feature would be to have a button/command flash (or grow or highlight…) when a key-stroke is used to activate that tool.

Basically I would like to have a customised HUD with only the tools/options I want to see and use most often. Still able to access all the rest of the tools, but the current view be fine tuned for the task at hand.