Workplace illustrations

Here is a set of illustrations I just completed for my company to help the national real estate team roll out technology in offices around the country. Did my best to keep the angles and style consistent from model to model. This was a great exercise in creating my first component library which made the creation and variation of everything very efficient. It’s pretty mundane, but I felt it was a great use for SketchUp. Everything modeled by me except for the Steelcase desk chairs. All feedback welcome. Enjoy!

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Here is a shot of all the shared components, which ultimately became the component library.


Nice work and good component library. Now you need to use some rendering software so you can make it look like photos. :smiley:

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Thanks! I can and do create renderings regularly, but this client specifically wanted it to feel more like illustrations, with simplified elements, to keep the focus on the technology. These will be placed into presentations with labels added in post.

Always need to give the client what they want. :+1::+1:

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Very nice! Clearly shows your intention with design and use of space.

Nice job on that red chair. I love it.

they look great , no need for renders… slick colour balance

PS, going to share them on 3D warehouse :slight_smile: ?

I really like the way you created the ceilings. This is a great idea for projects I am working on. Nice work.