Working - time length


I love SketchUp and try all sorts of things even when I’m not working on theatre sets design. Sometimes it takes a bit to create ie Cathedral Windows or funky classic architecture roofs etc. Is it normal? It seems when I watch videos they go so fast. Should I get a complex or should I keep taking my times, experimenting; or should I figure out how to work faster to keep up with the world?


There are a few videos out there by people who are very proficient with the software and have probably practiced multiple times before recording the video. It seems like most of the videos you’ll find are sped up quite dramatically. These are often labeled with the word ‘tutorial’ but are nothing more than speed drawings.


I’m pretty comfortable and fast but those videos make me feel incompetent…lol glad to hear they’re sped up


If there’s just music and no discussion about the use of the tools, chances are excellent that the video has also been sped up.