Working from home/ licensing

Ok. I have SU Pro 2020 installed on my home machine (Win 10/ overclocked I7 6900/ RTX 2070 super/ 32 gb 3200mhz ram). I have 2019 Pro on my work machine which I can go and physically access if need be. I’m using UE 4.24 for animated rendering of my (large) SU model.
SU 2020 has a direct link into Twinmotion and that’s fine per se, but I need to use UE Datasmith to bring the model direct into UE, which as more control on output. I’ve been trying .fbx export but the results don’t seem as good as Datasmith and creating a .fbx file takes an age!

The issue is that I have been given the 2019 licence details from our reseller but it won’t register as obviously it’s locked to my work machine. The quandary is whether I go to the office and deactivate that copy and will the home version then work?
I don’t want to do this unless it can be reversed as currently there is no SU 2020 plugin for Datasmith so I’m relying on the 2019 version at the office.

Any thoughts please? I can continue refining my model but I do need to more easily get it into UE soon!


once the license is activated for version 2020 every new activation of older versions won’t be allowed any more. Being aware of this, do not deactivate your version 2019 until you do not need it any further for e.g. plugins/extensions not being compatible with rev. 2020 yet.

As a worakround at least for data exchange issues you may want try a remote access to your work system e.g. by the fine ‘AnyDesk’ remote desktop software.

You could try copying the plugins folder in the C://Programfiles/AppData/SketchUp/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp in to the 2020 file. This works for programs like Enscape and 3Dconnexion

Thanks for the advice on 2019. Unfortunately our office has to be UK GSI compliant on the IT front and therefore we’re limited on software. Certainly us normal users have no rights to install and I work off a VM with limited capabilities at home.
Looks like I’ll need a trip to the office at some point; maybe I can last out until this Covid shutdown is over.

Ok thanks for the tip - I’ll have to get our IT guys to download and get to me to see if this works.