Working at angles to plane?

How do you work at angles?

All of the tools want toAngle.skp (319.5 KB) work in either X Y or Z but I need to work in a XY plane!!

The 48" x 48" rectangle is a screen and I need to illustrate a Projector hitting the screen at 90°.

the projector is also hitting at a up/down angle!

I’m not quite sure I understand but perhaps right clicking on the face of your screen and selecting align axis will help.


Thank you Shep,

“align axis” would make sense but I do not have that option.

I am using Sketchup 15 Pro.

Here it is in my copy of 15 Pro.


Angle.skp (324,3 KB)

I put WORKPLANE (plugin) at the center of the screen.
Choose the angle You want.
Funktions of the plugin will not work of course, if You don´t install it, but You can see how to use it.

WORKPLANE looks interesting I’ll see if I can find it.

Shep, I have Change Axes, here is what I have so far.

Work at angle

I will google Change Axes to see what I can find.

Thanks everyone.

Double click to enter editing of your screen component. Then right click on the face. You should then see align axes.


After thought: You could just rotate the geometry. Something like this.

Sorry, it is indeed not often to find here in the forum

it´s a “must-have-plugin” - but this keyword is to much better :wink: