Workflow for exporting from Sketchup for BEM or 3D printing

I draw relatively simple designs in SKetchup then want to mesh them and export for use by a BEM tool.
STL export doesn’t produce a fine enough mesh so there needs to be another tool in between. Looking for recommendations for plugins or other tools to do the trick.

PS I’ve been using SK 2017. are later versions better in this regard? willing to upgrade

Export to STL only triangulates whatever you have drawn…
If you want a finer mesh you will have to draw that before exporting to STL.

Ive done that. its bring repetive work. there ought to be a tool that would do that for me

What sort of things are you modeling for 3D printing? How fine of a mesh are you expecting? As @tweenulzeven indicated, the .stl mesh will be as fine as what you’ve modeled.

This was modeled in SketchUp and exported as .stl. The base is about 1.625 in. dia. and the screw threads work perfectly.

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What do you mean it brings repetitive work?

I guess since you are using SketchUp 2017 Make this is a hobby thing for you. What are you modeling? Share your model so we can see what you’re working with.

There are extensions that can do it for you.
But maybe not necessary, depending on what you are modelling.
As @DaveR has shown you , you don’t always need extensions to get what you are after…

I suspect he intended that to read “boring”…

If so he should hire someone to do the modeling for him while he goes out and rides his motorcycle or something. :crazy_face:

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In his defense, a lot of tasks can degenerate into tedious facet repair. I couldn’t even begin to estimate the percentage of my SketchUp time that’s been “invested” in (re)building shattered elements, but it’s huge.

Maybe it’s just my modeling workflow but I find I rarely ever need to do facet repair.

Some of us will forever be n00bz.

The utter chaos and mayhem that are corners after using Follow Me. It’s like somebody tossed a bomb into a cathedral and then asked the glazier to fix all the stained glass windows.

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I think “subdivide” will do the trick for me. if not a complete solution, it will certainly help.

No one ever questioned my work ethic, it was the kinds of things I chose to work on that were critized :slight_smile:

DaveR asked you what you are modelling and to share your model.
Maybe all you need is another way of modelling to get what you are after!

No-one here is questioning your work ethic, just your workflow maybe…

Just kidding. Can you share your workflow, it looks like it works!

And how/where did you see that??
Just share a model, tell us what you are after and @DaveR will surely beat me to it with a much better answer than I could ever give…

Its not that simple. I started down this path some time ago and got diverted. Now I want to get back on that track. I recalled the problems I had and that is why I posted. I got one suggestion but what I need to do before posting something for you to look at is pick up where I left off and that takes some work I’m not in a position to do right now today. I thank you for your interest but I need to do some homework and then get back to you if I still need help.