Work as a Interior Designer with SketchUp!

I was learning SketchUp in my school for 4 years and i love it. I want to be interior designer, using sketchup, but in my country (Poland), i see no job offers around it. Can you tell me what can i do to live my passion and work as interior designer (even remotely) in sketchup?

I’m probably not the appropiate person to give you a recommendation because I don’t make a living with this, I know the basics, but if I were in your situation I would also asked here.

You maybe can evaluate some things as for example …

  • Make people know your work.
  1. You can create a portfolio.
  2. You can create a website.
  3. You can create teaching videos.
  4. You can offer courses, classes or particular lessons
  • Introduce yourself to people and companies who could be interested in your work.
  1. Look for shops that can benefit from your work.
  2. Look for the way they can find in your knowledge and work some benefits.
  3. Look for the way to create a need for someone.
  4. Even little shops who sell chairs could benefit from it.
  • Expand your knowledge
  1. learn about other software (sometimes basics could be enough) that can be used together or coexist with the using of SketchUP.

Other users probably can give you better recommendations.

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