Word Censoring in Thread Headings


what is tig getting at with the question i asked last night. i he giving me other ways to write scrapbook are is he telling me that i shouldn’t put it in the title. are is he just showing that there is a censoring problem with this forum. i don’t know


No. He’s just pointing out that if you spell “scrap” correctly in the title of a thread, the censoring software will censor the word. It’s another word that the censoring software counts as a bad word. I saw the title of your thread with it spelled “Scra” and was about to fix it when I realized that adding a p at the end would make the title more difficult to understand than it was with the p omitted.


ya i tried it a few ways and that seemed to look the best, scrapbook is a main thing in lay out it should not be censored not for that word


Agreed 100%. And TIG agrees as well.


I added the intervening ‘p’ for clarity.
But Scrap is not allowed in a title - which is madness,

■■■■ itself is not a particularly offensive word anyway:
Checking its definition I see it is only regarded as ‘vulgar’ or ‘slang’ - i.e. not ‘obscene’ in any meaning - so WHO is making these ridiculous rules ???
Many things are considerably more vulgar !
e.g. Ass, Asshole !!!



vulgar, slang

noun: ■■■■

1   something of extremely poor quality.
    unwanted articles or rubbish.
2   excrement.
    an act of defecation.
    plural noun: craps

verb: ■■■■;
3rd person present: craps; past tense: crapped; past participle: crapped; gerund or present participle: crapping

1  defecate.
2  talk at length in a foolish or boring way.

adjective [British]: ■■■■; comparative adjective: crapper; superlative adjective: crappest, crappiest

1  extremely poor in quality.

And also undefined: craps or ■■■■-table - a dice-game ??
Both banned words were circumvented using formatting…

Seems to me that if we are to be censored that at least it should be logical and based on some pre-agreed list of no-nos…
Who is deciding what is acceptable and what is not ?
Obviously there are some words that are usually most inappropriate and should be blocked - but some forms of ‘abuse’ - e.g. “mother-fucker” which go completely undetected [no formatting needed] !!! and are clearly not usually suited to use on the forums [ I include it for example only ! ]


And do you believe that this forum engine actually has a :■■■■: emoticon ?

…, that of course cannot be used because the word ■■■■ (without code backticks) cannot be used (it’s one of the naughty not allowed words,) even within emoticon colon delimiters, so like I cannot show you the :■■■■: emoticon without resorting to image copy and paste, like:

OoopsSss! Sorry,… well, there I’ve gone and done stunk up the place… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:scream_cat: (He didn’t cover up! Who taught him to go box?)


I always referred to my old laptop as a “craptop” because of how week it was. Is that even a bad word?

Back to the topic, there is already a user trust level system. If there’s a risk people join just to spam with dirty words this censoring could maybe only be used on new members (those that can’t send PMs, post attachments etc).

(trust levels: User Trust Levels)