Woodworking plugins



Just curious if there is a plugin that has pre loaded lumber? I know it’s easy to draw but just figured there might be plugin to help with this!


I can think of one called Board Maker (I have it) which is part of the Wudworx tool set and there are dimensional lumber component available in the 3D Warehouse but for my money they aren’t time savers at all. In fact I think they create more work than they save.


I can buy 5 different ‘prepared’ sizes of ‘2x1’, off the shelf, within a 5ml radius of my house…

it would need to be a very sophisticated extension to help me out…

I always draw my own…



actually, engineeringtoolbox does ‘do’ lumber, but I’d still want to check availability before utilising it…

I use it for metal, tube, pipe, etc…



What’s the price of that plug in? I was thinking about profile builder!


Which plugin?


I found it Dave! Thanks for the help


Good enough. Did you get the Dovetail, M&T, and Drill tools, too?


No I have not yet.


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