Wireframe view

Hi guys,
I am trying to control some settings in wireframe view.
So far, adjusting the line width (in Layout) was easy.
Is there a way to adjust the actual wireframe dimensions (e.g. distance from lines, both horizontal and vertical)?
Many thanks!!!

Can you show us an example of what you are trying to change? Is this about adding dimensions in LayOut and adjusting their appearance?

Thank you, I want to change the division within the default wireframe.
if there were ,say, 50 horizontal lines, I would like to change that parameter to 40…

Oh. So this is a view of your 3D SketchUp model and you want to reduce the number of latitude lines? You would need to set up the profile you used to create the shape so there would only be 40 vertices instead of 50. That’s not something that is easily changed once you have the 3D shape.

I guess you could hide some of the edges if that gets you what you want to see.

Thank you so much Dave,
In other words, if I was to recreate the curves/profiles I first drew in 2d, in fewer sides I should be good to go?
If so, what can I do to reduce the altitude lines? SU does that automatically after extrusion or Follow me.
Are you aware of any documentation/tutorial addressing wireframe view and settings in depth?
Much obliged!

Yes. Exactly.

I’m not sure what you are asking. The number of edges you get in the extruded shape is directly controlled by the number of sides you choose in your profile. At the top I used a circle with 12 sides and at the bottom, 24 sides.

Do you mean ‘latitude lines’ not ‘altitude lines’?

And what do you want to do with them? ‘Make them invisible’? Or maybe, in Layout, ‘make the lines thinner than the profile outline’?

Or something else? It isn’t entirely clear what you mean.

Thanks for replying guys,
I got how to do most of the stuff I wanted. However, I would like to be able to control the quantity of both horizontal and vertical lines, i.e., the distance between every two lines.

You need to adjust the number of sides in both the edge of the profile and the edge of the Follow Me path.