Wireframe View Issue

Hello Guys, this is my first post on this Forums forced by some kind of model style view, we dont really know what this is but it showed up after we bought Sketchup Pro 2021. This “issue” is making our modeling imposible since its not showing all the faces we need, it seems to be something with the 2021 version since we open our model in an older version and everything is ok.

I will add some pictures of testing volumes, all of them are a full shape, no faces are missing on the modeling but they are on camera.

This looks like a graphics card issue that has been reported before. Try updating the graphics drivers.

For real? I just got the almost imposible to get RX 6800 XT with the latest drivers available, didnt have this issue while working on my 1050 before. Dang bad luck then I guess.

Did you get the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website?

Of course not. Nvidia does proper support for OpenGL.

Wow, didnt search for a certaing bug about the AMD GPU, since i though ok its new and powerful so thats not the problem the problem must be with sketchup itself, after looking thanks to you I found that the bug is about my RX 6800 XT specifically. There was a driver released 2 days ago to fix this, thank u alot man, u saved us.


For your interest, the driver update three weeks ago fixed the SketchUp issue. It’s nice though that a newer update fixed other issues.