Wire frame to modelled walls

Hello and thank you in advance to anyone who bears with me. I’m relatively new to sketchup but i can get around a bit.
I am using the Leica sketch plan app with my leica disto…which works great by the way…and am wanting to take the 3d wireframe dog file and bring that into sketchup and do a quick 3d model of the wireframe.

i have used the plug in to add surfaces to the wire frame and that works great but as soon as i push pull to create a thickness to the surfaces it will only pull in one direction leaving the inside of my wall hollow and also having issues creating the window openings etc.

right now i have decided to create a surface on the wire frame one wall at a time then select that surface and copy it. this has allowed me to create a wall with depth bit it still does not want to let me push through a window opening .

there must be an easier way…lol

thanks again

Can you share the .skp file into which you have imported the wireframe? That will make it easier for people to help you here.

Drag the .SKP file into your next post while it’s open for writing/editing (the post, not the SU model, that is!). It’s unlikely to be too big - up to about 10MB is ok.

here is the file freshly importedsmall office.skp (174.7 KB)

If you open the component for edit (or explode it, as it is the only model content) you can trace edges using the line tool and faces will fill in. Then you can trace edges of the doors and windows to make them cut the walls (may need to try several to persuade SketchUp to cut the wall). Once the doors and windows cut the walls, delete their inner faces. Then use the pushpull tool and tap the alt key to tell it to keep the starting face while you create the wall thickness. A bit of cleanup for edges you don’t need after thickening the walls and to fix reversed faces and you’re all set.

Edit: on closer examination, the corners are just enough out of square that you will have some issues when you pull all the walls in.


I also use the Leica Disto with the App and the Tripod Accessory to Survey sometimes, and I did try the wireframe DWG a couple of times.

However, I find it quicker just to use the 2D layout and then Push/Pull from that, after giving the walls thickness.

Sometimes I don’t even bother with using the actual DWG. I just use it as a guide to draw the walls from scratch, especially if I know the walls are supposed to have 90 Degree corners. It might mean my finished internal dimensions are out by 10mm compared to what I surveyed, but in the big scheme of things, that’s irrelevant for what I do.


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thanks for the detailed response!! i had to go away from the desk for a bit. I think the alt key to tell it to keep the inner face is the solution i needed…i couldn’t understand why i kept losing the face. interesting what you mention about trying several times to cut the wall. I tried once or twice but it wouldn’t budge. I did notice since the laser is so accurate that the walls will be slightly off square and i need to go in and tweak those.
thank you so much