Windows Versus Mac

I have been using Sketch Up for 2 years on a MacBook Pro Laptop. Its time to update my computer and I wondering wether to swap to PC as Trimble seems to be supporting its products more on Windows than on Mac.
Any Advice?

A Personal Computer - with an appropriate hardware components - is a good choice if you want to use it for Sketchup. Regardless if the computer using Mac or Windows operating system.
There are plenty of opinion against and beside both of the platforms.
You can use the forum search function to see.
Right now, maybe the Windows platform is a little better because Nvidia graphics processors perform better in rendering. However, the new M1xxx processors are very promising.
I don’t think there is a significant differences by “support”…

Hi Dezmo,
Thanks for replying. By support I just mean that you can’t yet get SketchUp Studio for Mac yet.

Also I want to use Twin Motion and the research I have been doing suggests I may be better off going down the PC route? I have also looked at the new Mac Studio Max, I found this review which had some interesting things to say about how good the new M1 processor is but ultimately the Nvidia Graphics processors still seem to be better for rendering?