Windows do not show any transparacy - in Podium renderer

I have some problems with my windows when I’m doing a render with Podium. I never had any difficulties with it and I have been using it for now 4 years. My windows are either opaque or mirror. If i use the default settings, they appear like a mirror and when i change anything with material properties, they become black opaque. I made sure to have the right side facing, I tried different types of glass, putting the material to a group, individually, on one side, on both side, on just a pannel, with depth, etc, but nothing is working.
Here is some examples:

With the default settings (mirror)

Sorry if it’s not clear, english is not my native language

I do not use Podium, but from other rendering software I find one needs to either use a single face for the glass or if the glass has a thickness to make both sides transparent.
BTW: Don’t worry about the language thing, English is my native tongue and at times I am not clear. :wink:

Thank you! While waiting for an answer i tried doing a render without windows and I found out that even without them, it looked like it was black. I then decided to put some light inside and add some walls and furniture and it worked. I still need to adjust some things, but the problem wasn’t the windows but the inside of the house. I never had this problem before even without putting anything inside, but maybe this time it impact the render.