Windows 7 and SketchUp


I use an old PC running Windows 7. How can I run something like SketchUp 2016?

Phillip Rhodes

Probably you can, if you have the appropriate license and installer file. Internet-dependent functions like geolocation and 3D Warehouse won’t work.

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you can run recent SU v2022 too.

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If Windows 7 is 64-bit.

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additionally, the support of the extended security update (ESU) for W7 has been terminated finally yesterday… it’s probably time to move on now, really.


MANY THANKS EVERYONE for the replies. Very much appreciated.

Now I have been able to load SU 2016 Pro, but I don’t have a license or authorization code. Can anyone help?

I did have CU 2013, which was my preferred version, but the the program was lost when my old PC died.

I have tried the current online version, and I honestly don’t like the experience. Pxx

The 2016 Pro that you’re using should drop back to being 2016 Make after 30 days, and still work.

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