Windows 10 kicks me out when I try filing a model using Pro 2021 giving the error DPC Watchdog Violation

Using a new HP Spectre laptop running Windows 10 with SketchUp Pro 2021 I’m not able to file save any models. When trying to file the machine freezes up for a little over a minute and goes BSOD before coming back with “DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION” and then restarts. I’ve already uninstalled the McAfee antivirus SW. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

I looked at what was said about this error on the Microsoft website.

The general recommendation to you would be to go to the HP website and download and install all available driver updates for your computer model. Specifically it might be related to network or USB adapters. Also check that all Windows updates have been installed.

McAfee is not probably the culprit.

Worked 40 minutes with the online HP helpline rep. Updated everything she could think of. The Sketchup Pro 2021 program is more stable now in that it doesn’t lock up and kick out by using simple commands but still kicks out and goes BSOD when trying to file. HP support rep thinks it’s on the SketchUp side. Is there a way to actually get into contact with Sketchup company support to get this resolved?

To contact support:

Does it matter where you try to save? Does on the desktop work?

I am not a Trimble person so I don’t know if their support is flooded by this issue, but I am almost willing to swear that your post is the first ever mention of this particular BSOD in the something like 17 years I have been following these forums. If it was caused by SketchUp bug I would guess that you wouldn’t be the only one affected.

Do you have the opportunity to test SketchUp on another computer? I have had my share of BSODs at home and at work as the “part time CAD guy” of an architects’ office. Those that couldn’t be fixed with driver or BIOS updates have usually been hardware issues.