Windows 10 April update

The new win 10 upgrade will start rolling out Monday.
Who wants to run the pool on when the problems starts rolling in?

There shouldn’t be to many. I am running the preview version. IMHO this is the best version yet, much improved over the FCU.

We shall see. Love to know what graphic cards are going to be screwed this time.

You have a pint there!

I always have a Pint here!

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As Merry (or what it Pippin?) said in The Prancing Pony inn: “It comes in pints??” :slight_smile:

Never watched any of that ring nonsense, but I’m fairly sure they have hairy toes.

I thought that was horses!

great expectations

The odd thing is I’ve not had a problem with an update as of yet (famous last words).

The only problem I have had is an incredibly slow or mischievous system in general whenever the update is pending to be installed.

We can but hope.

oops wrong reference. now I feel old

Classics don’t really get old. :wink:

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Actually, I was thinking my next upgrade would be to Linux. I’m surprised the gotcha’s on which/what Distro/WineConfig aren’t the real topic.

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