Window snapping improvement

I would like to request an improvement of the Window Snapping functionality in Sketchup.
If this topic have been suggested before, or if the functionality is already existing, please delete this post.

On Mac and Windows, the main drawing window have the snapping function like “Tile Window to the left of screen”. But the separate windows like Components, Tags, Materials and so on do not have this option. When working with a software that uses multiple widows like Sketchup, this function must be supported on all separate software windows as well.
This to increase workflow, overview and tidiness of the project. This is a must on both single and multi monitor setups.

The native Snapping function in Windows and Mac are ok. But when a separate software is installed like Divvy, Magnet, Rectangle and so on, the Snapping possibilities are amazing. (Divvy is my favorite and one license works on both mac and windows)

One other improvement to the separate windows is automatic scaling to screen height resolution. When I use my external monitors and maximize the height of for instance the Components window and then disconnects the external monitor, it is no longer possible to scale down the height. This is because the bottom right corner window scaling tab is outside the dimensions of the laptop screen. Only way to fix this, is to connect the external monitor again and scale the window down before disconnecting.

If others have experienced this or see these improvement necessary, please mention this below, so this functionality can be implemented.

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