Win 95 calling: the MS PowerToys are back (OS)


Oh yes! Gonna git that vote button for " 1. Full window manager including specific layouts for docking and undocking laptops"!

I just want to bump this thread because I was looking for a way to preview SVG files in Window explorer and just discovered PowerToys. I think they will be life changing! For anyone interested, here is a feature list:

  • Color Picker (yes please!) - copy any color from any app to the clipboard
  • Fancy Zones - window layout manager (excited to try this on my ultra-wide monitor)
  • File Explorer Add-ons (SVG thumbnails!)
  • Image Resizer (I usually use Irfanview for bulk image resize but this looks even more convenient)
  • Keyboard Manager / remapper
  • PowerRename (bulk file rename - so useful to me as well!)
  • PowerToys Run (quick launcher)

Here’s a more direct link to the installation instructions:


I thought I was having a 90s flashback there!

Colour picker like a Mac - WooT! Good spot guys!