Will work in the demo be carried over to a purchase of SketchUp Shop?


I’m currently demoing SketchUp Pro, as i’m looking to use it for a few illustration projects. I was hoping to demo SketchUp shop (SketchUp free was a bit too stripped back for me), however it seems that the demo is for the Pro version.

Will any work done in the demo be editable if I do go for the Shop license?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Yes, best to download them, so you have a ‘physical’ file on your local drive.
When buying, you might use another email address and things get mixed up.

An email address is the unique identifier of a Trimble ID, so the assets or products that you buy, are not tied to your personal credentials, but to the email address that actually buys…

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Be aware tho that there is a significant difference between pro and shop.

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Thanks for your quick replies. I think i’m getting confusing between Pro and Studio (thought the demo was for Studio). Pro should be fine :slight_smile: