Will Sketchup work on Windows 8.1 64 bit version

I thought Google owned this product.

What’s the deal is it free? Do I have to pay for it?

But will it work on Windows 8.1?

Is there a version available for 8.1 coming soon?

Looks cool, I just never heard of Trimble!

Google sold SketchUp to Trimble Navigation mid way during SketchUp version 8 (like 3 years ago ?)
Trimble is big into BIM and Geographic Information systems.

There is a Make edition that is free for non-commercial use.
If you wish to use it commercially you’ll need to buy SketchUp Pro.

Yes, it will work under Windows 64bit editions, including v8.1. 64bit Windows can also run 32bit applications. Many of the applications that came installed on your computer are actually 32bit applications.


I loaded it on my 64-bit v.8.1 PC several days ago, and am having no problems.

A little over two years ago. Trimble acquired SketchUp on 1. June 2012.
Still, a lot of people think I work for Google when I say I work for SketchUp. :slight_smile: Then I say Trimble and their eyes just glaze over. I hadn’t heard of Trimble either until they bought SketchUp.

Did you use the FREE version? You know, Sketchup Make? Or did

SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro are compatibility-wise not different. They don’t maintain different codebases to distinguish users à la “to use it on this/that system or to get faster algorithms you need to buy”. If you are looking for a Windows version of SketchUp, you get one installer for all Windows XP – 8.x.

When in doubt about usage conditions of a software, it’s best to check its license/terms. Software is not only characterized by being pay/free, but also by conditions or rights granted to its users. Have you ever looked what your favorite browser/other softwares allow you to do? See here for SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro.
In short, SketchUp Make (gratis) can be used for personal projects from which you don’t earn your living. If SketchUp work is part of your job, you would need to by a SketchUp Pro license to let the developers of SketchUp also earn a living.

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Yes, it is SketchUp Make, +note4nick - I was referred to it by Deezmaker for my Bukito. I actually wrote about the process of deciding on modeling software in my blog, http://drpatreads.blogspot.com/ (The September Project).