Will SketchUp For Web Run Faster Going From 100Mbps To 3Gbps Internet Bandwidth?

Hi There,

I am currently running SU for Web on a new Dell Laptop with integrated graphics and an internet Download speed of 100Mbps and Upload speed of 30Mbps. I was wondering if there would be a performance increase with SU if i upgraded my internet speeds to 3Gbps Download speed and 3Gbps Upload speed?

Also, would this increase in bandwidth cause my fan speed to increase? I am asking this question because i get headaches from any noise so i try to keep fan speeds as low as possible. This is why i don’t have a dedicated graphics card.


You should see a decrease in opening and saving times but during actual modeling SketchUp for Web doesn’t really use the internet connection. In fact you could turn off your internet service once you have SketchUp open and work. Other than not being able to autosave, or manually save, it’ll work just fine.

If you are seeing performance issues while model, the first thing to do is look at your modeling workflow. For many users this is the area that can use the most improvement. As far as hardware goes, however, faster CPUs will be better as will larger amounts of RAM and dedicated graphics cards. SketchUp like all other modeling softwre only uses a single core of the CPU so CPU speed is more important than number of cores. And integrated graphics card share the CPU’s RAM so that can also cause a hit in performance. Integrated GPUs have never been recommended for SketchUp.

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