Will SketchUp for Schools be free for schools?

Upon official launch this fall 2017, will SketchUp for Schools remain free for schools?

Hey Chris,

Yes, that’s the plan :slight_smile:


Thank you!! We just made this available district-wide through the GSFE marketplace app setup to the delight of our career and tech department, but wanted to make sure we wouldn’t get everyone hooked during a free beta time period, and then have to take it away from them due to having to pay when the official launch happens. So… THANK YOU for providing this to schools!! This is huge for our kids!


That’s awesome news! We are so happy that we can make a difference at your school. And we wouldn’t want you to take SketchUp for Schools away from your students, either! Don’t worry, our intention is to keep this a free tool so students in the K-12 community can continue to foster their 3D skills.

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