Will Sketchup 2017 Be More Game design friendly?

Hi I love sketchup because of its quick and easy learning curve. and its expansive community and their lists of plugins but my problem is about how sketchup creates lots of ngons which gives the game rendering engine headaces thus giving me headaces I just want to know if the next version of sketchup will have tools for game design and props modeling like i.e An Ngon checker and if said model has ngons it will highlight them letting the user know that this needs fixing.

Recognizing that SU 2016 was released just recently, it is likely that you will need to wait almost a year to find out what features will be improved. You should also know that Trimble provides no advance information concerning future releases.

Only Trimble know for sure the direction they want to take SketchUp. From the trend I seen from Trimble I cannot see them going 'more game design friendly’. They seem to adding more integration with their other software like Trimble Business Center and [Trimble RealWorks] (3D Laser Scanning Solutions | Trimble Geospatial). I can also see them starting to integrate better 3-D modelling tools in the next version of SketchUp.

just use a ngon checker and set it for you r particular needs…


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You can help it to create less of them…

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ThomThom’s QuadTools and SubD extensions are readily available.