Why UVs are different?

In the attached model
Tv.skp (464.6 KB)

I get the following uvs for the front face where texture is applied using uv_helper.get_front_UVQ(point)

UVQ:~ -0.03 m, ~ -0.02 m, ~ -0.01 m
UVQ:~ -0.03 m, ~ -0.01 m, ~ -0.01 m
UVQ:~ -0.03 m, ~ -0.01 m, ~ -0.01 m
UVQ:~ -0.03 m, ~ -0.02 m, ~ -0.01 m

But if I export it as obj

usemtl PJ_BJ336_29ptec_G_20120828175227
v -1.72487 -1.4929 -4.58632
vt 1 1
vn 0 0 1
v -2.95301 -2.16 -4.58632
vt -4.44089e-16 0
v -1.72487 -2.16 -4.58632
vt 1 0
f 1/1/1 2/2/1 3/3/1

v -2.95301 -1.4929 -4.58632
vt -4.44089e-16 1
f 2/2/1 1/1/1 4/4/1

then uvs are (1,1), (0,0), (1,0) and (0,1). Why uv_helper is giving me incorrect coordinates?

Is this still from SU2018 ?

Are you using SketchUp’s native OBJ exporter or an extension ?

I am using SU2019. The first log is by using ruby API’s uv_helper and the second one is exported using SU native obj exporter

Please update your forum profile.

Have you checked the official API Issue tracker for UV bugs that are either still open or have been fixed since SU2019 ?

Have you checked the Ruby API Release Notes for UV fixes in newer releases ?

If you don’t see a fix for your issue, please open a new issue in the GitHub tracker.

That looks like you print Length using .to_s (implicit or not) which then output the unit in model units. When inspecting the values make sure you use .inspect to get the raw values without modele unit formatting.

The exporters will convert the internal unit to the given target unit in the exporter options.