Why Update so Often?

After years of using a free copy of Sketch-up 2017 or something, I finally bought the updated version (sorry, subscribed - or whatever the word for daylight robbery is these days). I used it this morning, by this afternoon I had been advised to download an update, which means frigging around and deleting old files etc. Now I have a load of icons I no longer recognise and the update can’t find my recent files. Why the update? I can’t see any great improvement for the majority of users, perhaps there is a benefit for a few, but why put your customer through this. I am now hesitant to do anything in the updated version as it is not compatible with the familiar, but unstable 2017 version. But at the end of the day, an update every time I turn the ■■■■ thing on is more annoying than the thing occasionally crashing. Tell me I haven’t just wasted a load of money.

You shouldn’t need to delete anything for an update…

Almost every software is updated regularly, this is to improve things like security, user experience, productivity and lots of other reasons…

What do you mean by this? If you mean you can’t open your 2023 files in Make 2017, that is correct. SketchUp is backwards compatible, not forward…
Why is Make 2017 unstable for you? I’m using Make 2017 and don’t experience any unstability…

Edit: if you are interested in what an update is for, you can read the release notes here:

When did you download it? There hasn’t been an update for a while.

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you’re on a mac, no need to delete anything. just drag the folder into the application folder, it’ll replace itself, and you’re done. Updating on a mac takes about a minute or two. you shouldn’t delete the older files when updating.

technologies evolve. you said it yourself, the old ketchup 2017 was unstable on your machine. the fix to that unstability is in subsequent sketchup versions. hence the upgrade.

the 23.1 version is fully compatible with the 17. sure, the icons have changed colours. but you now have more tools than you used to.
And if you want to open your more recent files in SU17, you can still save them as SU17 format. as usual. nothing has changed.

yes. that’s true of every software. when you install a new software, it doesn’t know what files were recently opened in the old one.
Right now I have SU 22 and 23 installed, and they have different “recent files”.

you had one update. one. from what I read, it looks like you installed 2023 and it prompted you to update to 2023.1

Sketchup updates 2-4 times a year, it’s actually a friction point for many many people because bugfix take month to arrive. I wish we had a monthly update…

you’re on a PC, on mac, especially a recent one with a M serie CPU and an up to date OS, pre 2021 sketchup are prompt to crashes.

edit : ok, I didn’t look but you answered the same, noice.

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Oh wait yeah, there is a thing that has frequent updates, it’s the extensions.

often, when booting up sketchup, you have a small panel bottom right telling you some extensions need to be updated. just click on it and it’ll do it automatically. or deactivate / uninstall the extensions if you don’t want to update anything ever.

these extensions updates depend on what you’ve installed, logically the more plugins the more updates.

For some reason there are two iterations of Sketch-Up 2023 on Launchpad. The only way I can see too remove the old one is to delete the old files

Define regular. Twice a year would be fine. I believe that companies use updates as a marketing tool to make sure their product is in the news.

Sorry, I misspoke. The updating thing really bugs me. If I’m going to have this throughout my use of Sketch-Up 2023. I would rather go back to my very ancient copy of 2017 – therefore I am loath to work on the new platform if it is going to be more irritating (worse) than the unsupported one which does not request me to update when I open the app – because if I end-up not using it, any content I make in the new app won’t be readable at the end of my subscription.

Also – why change the icons? why?

I bought it at the end of November, I used it a couple of times before the holidays and I went back to it this morning. So In four uses I have had the whole ‘wait a minute I need an update’ annoyance 25% of the time.

Interesting intel that you can save in previous versions. I was unaware. Can I set that up as a default?

If I don’t delete the older files I am left with the shortcuts to the older version in Launchpad which look identical…

Not easily. But there’s an extension JF Save As which gives you an entry in the file menu for every previous version of SU. You can set up a shortcut to SaveAs your preferred version e.g. 2017.

I use Ctrl-S to do that (on Mac). You could use Alt-S on Windows, I think.

There has been no version update in that time. Perhaps as @ateliernab suggests, the message you were seeing is related to extensions that have had updates. There have been a few that have gotten updates in the last few weeks. Updating them is trivial and very brief. Some authors of extensions make updates if bugs are found or if they are future proofing for upcoming changes to SketchUp.

Even when there are updates to the program they don’t come very frequently and they don’t require a huge amount of effort from the user. You just download the new version of the application and install it. No gymnastics of deleting files or anything are required.

that sounds like a launchpad problem. never got around to use it, it was fine on an ipad, but I always found it messy at best with a mouse. Some professional softwares come with multiple app

the sketchup you need to launch is the one in the application folder, in the “sketchup 2023” folder. if that helps.

here, I even made a video. well a start, I wasn’t gonna film a minute of copying…

this is how to update sketchup on a mac. download the new version, open it, drag it into the application folder, and when prompted to replace, say yes.

and Voilà !

On a mac, the installation is in 2 places, the application folder contains the launchers, and in the mac’s library you have all the actual important files.
What I’m doing in the video changes the launcher to a more recent version, and the first time I’ll open sketchup, it will finish installing the needed files in the library.
that way, no need to manually delete anything, it does what’s needed on its own.

On Mac it’s Cmnd+S, on windows it’s Ctrl+S to save.

For a standard save to the current version, yes indeed.

But (for me) Ctrl-S saves to v2017 using that as a shortcut for the JF Save As/SketchUp 2017 command on the File menu.


custom shortcut.

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I’ll leave you in the hands of the Mac users on this…

I think SketchUp pushes updates as needed, sometimes to fix security issues or bugfixes that affect a lot of users. Those are important but don’t add functionality…

As stated before, you can do a save-as and choose an old SketchUp version if you want.
My statement that SketchUp Make 2017 can’t open 2023 files is still correct, but maybe not complete…