Why these two windows look different?

I copy pasted windows. So window 1 should be same as window 2 but I see some shading or effect on window 1 because of which I am also not able to determine if Push Pull tool has actually worked on window 1 or I need to re-do it. Basically, I want to understand why window 1 is having different shading/effect than window2
layout.skp (239.1 KB)

You didn’t have a recess for window 1 like you did for window 2. So you get this:

Here is your drawing corrected: layout.skp (248.1 KB)

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Thank you so much. Can you also please tell me how you created this recess? Because when I am trying to select the window 1 rectangle for pull it back (via push pull tool), not just the rectangle but the entire background surface is getting selected. Not sure why I am not able to select only the rectangle area to create opening.

layout,.skp (234.2 KB)

Providing the rectangle you draw for the window recess on the wall surface is:

a) in the same context (ie. within the same Group/Component), and
b) properly drawn on its surface

you should just be able to use the Push/Pull tool to extrude.

Sometimes it doesn’t work and the clue is the heaviness of the profile line. What you are looking for are fine lines. If they are fat, it shows that you have not created a defined area within the wall surface. That can happen in certain circumstances. For example, if you drew a rectangle away from your wall, deleted the surface created by it, and then moved the group of four lines onto your surface.

When it fails to work, all you need do (providing the two conditions above are met) is to draw over one of the lines to create the new defined surface within your rectangle.

We often see cases here of lines and surfaces being drawn very slightly off axis. If you use the Text tool to reveal the coordinates, it will tell you if everything is on the same plane (all points would have the same X, Y, or Z, value).

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