Why textures hidden deep in library


When analysing bugsplats and probems with vray I found Sketchup is hiding textures of files deep, deep in the library (mac). When moving files between machines it is a constant nuisance, packing files for vray a headache, because textures seem to walk around, or not being where sketchup supposes them to be, without any clue why this is done this way.
Is there a workaround for this black box?


There have been suggestions/feature requests on the forum to enable a backup of all SU related settings, preferences, and libraries to one file for migration to another system.

I use a simple system of my own - I created an assets folder where I save all this info (and back it up) - it is getting rather large now at 217GB - I expect it to continue to grow much more.


For a number of versions, now, all custom assets are by default saved into a single location which can be copied and used on other computers. I also copy the custom components, materials, styles, and templates when I upgrade to a new version on the same machine.


say no more…

therein lays the problem…

vray for mac SU has always had issues, that they fail to acknowledge and fail to fix…