Why not version 8 for download, layers etc.?

I bought 2016 and I still use version 8 alongside.
Why is version 8 not for download any more in warehouse.
Warehouse need to be cleaned up and made MUCH more user friendly. I very hard to find anything easily, also the show 3D is VERY slow now and the funny remarks become tiring to see in the long run!
Also layers are still weird, both in 8 and 2016, and not separated entirely as in all other software I use? Turning on/off layers is a weird show. I use “put on layers” plug-in, but even that cant fix the layer issue.

Sorry for the harsh tone, even so I use SketchUp…

SU v8 was released at 01.09.2010… with all recent operating systems not available at this time… backwards support (which btw creates expenditure) is not endless.

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