Why isn't extension showing up?

I watched a Youtube video about how to install an extension, and followed the steps appropriately, although for a different version of Sketchup and different extension, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work anyway.

The extension in question is Pathcopy. I put the extension file in the Tools folder in the Sketchup programfiles, just like I was explained. I restarted Sketchup, but it’s not showing up. It’s pretending like I haven’t done anything at all.


Also, I haven’t tested the Warehouse solution thoroughly yet (ran into some minor annoying problems that put me off), but I want to get the file-in-folder-way to work.

Where did you get the instructions to do that? That’s wrong.

No it’s not pretending anything. You installed it incorrectly so it isn’t going to work.

Undo the mess and start over. In SketchUp’s Window menu, go to Extension Warehouse. Find Pathcopy and click Install. That’s all you need to do.

Even if you’re going to install it by first downloading it manually, you would use Install Extension from the Extension Manager.

Installed extensions/plugins go into the user’s Plugins folder anyway, not in ProgramData/…/Tools.

Several Youtube videos will show you how. For instance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UxaAocenEM&t=284s

Download Path extension here https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/pathcopy

And install like this

Then use like this :slight_smile:

Watch the video again. He loaded it from a folder named “Tools” and installed it the same way @DaveR told you above and @robertjuch showed you. He did not save it to Tools folder.

Ok, I’ve managed to install and tested it a few times. It seemed to work a few times, and but it started acting weird and adding way to many objects, no matter what I told it to do. I tried starting a new project, and tested the extension again, but then it didn’t react at all. I tried uninstalling it an reinstalling it, and it still isn’t reacting.

Oh, the copied object needs to be either a component or a group.

Yes. As it says immediately under the title.

There are instructions for those who will read them.

That might be, but to a beginner “components” and “groups” doesn’t mean anything. I barely know what they are. I’m just discovering these things.

Maybe you should worry about learning what groups and components are before you worry about distributing them along a path. Spend some time with the basics

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Thing is, I know what a lot of things are, but I still will not remember everything I’ve learned before asking a question that I might know the answer to if I just think more about it.

Something you need to remember @retroryder is that this is a forum of volunteer users and as such none of us have to answer your questions.
You have asked a flurry of questions and had some excellent answers, but you have also has some questions asked on your posts and you haven’t responded.
This is a two way street, if you don’t answer or give feedback people may stop replying or show frustration in their responses.
Make the most of the forum and engage with people.


Should I respond more, or ask less?

More, if people ask you questions on your posts, give answers to those questions. If people give you answers acknowledge the answers.
If you look back through your threads you will see several where you appeared to have simply ignored the thread after starting it.
It’s a short history, but just giving you a nudge in the right direction.

Ok. Thanks. Sorry bout that. Yeah, I am thinking about one of the posts where I was actually asked a good question, but when thinking of a response, I couldn’t decide what approach would be the best, and then I got caught up in other problems.

Ok, so I’m not giving you a hard time, just pushing you in a good direction. You’ll get good results with good input.


True. You have a good point.

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