Why is this transparent

Can anyone tell me what I have done to make this tree trunk partly transparent.
The same tree in my previous version is not
Here are the two files
Acer Trunk 1.skp (163.1 KB)
Acer Trunk 2.skp (185.7 KB)

Go View/Face Style and untick xray.

Thanks Box. It had been a while since i worked on it and I keep forgetting what things I changed. I quess I need to start making notes.

I did not know x-ray would stay on though in only one file

Xray is a style setting and will stay until you change it.

I think what mixed me up was that I have saved some Style settings to my Default Template and since they are in all my models. I was thinking that any changes that I made to Styles would stay the same in all my models. But I should have known that was not true.