Why is there a limit on Dialog Height?

I’m wondering why there is a limit of only 750 pixels for the “Dialog Height” attribute on dynamic components. Or is it just me? I can set any height I want up to 750, but any number greater than 750 does not increase the size of the box. With most monitors today capable of displaying at least 1200 pixels vertically, it seems silly to have such a low low limit. Is it something I’m doing wrong somewhere, or is SketchUp really unable to create a larger dialog box? I can drag the window size to be much bigger than that, but I can’t set it bigger than 750 through the DC attribute.

Extension dialogs (and dynamic components are an extension) can have a minimum and maximum height and width to prevent the GUI from getting into an invalid size (too small and clipped, or too big with ugly empty space). Of course if the dialog contains a resizable pane (scrollable list etc.) a maximum limit is not needed.

From your description, a maximum height is not set (because you can resize with the mouse), so this is an issue that only a SketchUp developer can resolve.

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