Why is the second component not a solid?


I finally got how to create a dome and punch holes through it for a pressure washer pipe 'cleaning accessory head.

The first with the flange is a 'Solid in Entity Info, but the second is not .

I put a flange on it, but realised I need to put a stub on it. So I have edited it, removed the flange, used the follow me too to create new edge with follow me , pulled it down to create a a stub downwards.

But it is not being reported as a solid…and I can’t work out why.
washer fitting.skp (555.8 KB)

What is stopping the second one from being a solid?


turn off x-ray and turn on monochrome and it’s easy to see the reversed faces and missing end disc…



Ah…my hero …I could kiss you…Oh…OK,not really…but thanks :slight_smile:

Easy when you know how …been on that since last night! !and 3 hours this morning


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