Why is the geolocation not available in europe?


I have a problem with the geolocation in Sketchup 2021. When i hope the geolocation map it shows me that no map is available in Europe!! can i change that? is there any other way to upload a map into sketchup in order to create a terrain ? Thank you . Aurelie


thank you for your quick answer. i will try to be more specific…
the problem is with the the satellite mode . If i turn on the nearmap coverage it shows me that it is not available ( red areas) and the image coming into my model is white with camera symbols on it . thank you . aurelie
Uploading: s.JPG…

That’s why I highlighted in the video the text you need to pay attention to


thank you. i have tried to reduce again the resolution ( in my case low and it s working now).

What is the location you are trying to use?

lefkada greece

Medium works for me. Did you try it?

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Off topic: It doesn’t belong here at all, I’m just “nostalgic…”

Some may interpret Europe differently.
I remember that when GPS navigations were spreading their wings, one of the manufacturers sold their software with a map of the “Full Europe”. It turned out that the countries in Europe are not as far as the Ural Mountains, but only as far as the Alps. Something like this:

Fortunately, that has changed since then…