Why is Sketchup Slow compared to

More visually pleasing programs? Sketchup 2018 (have not tested 2019 yet since I haven’t bothered reinstalling my extensions) stutters when something with many polygons, such as a large house (no interiors), is on screen. I only recently started learning Blender so I have not tested complex models to compare performance.

AAA video games also look infinitely better and run better even with more things happening on screen. This may seem like an ignorant statement but it’s true. I’d like to know why it’s true.

GTX 1070 ti
i5 9600k @ 3.7GHz

There’s many possible reasons why models operate slowly on your system, including -

  • out of date graphics card driver
  • problems with the model (large # of components, polys, large textures, etc)
  • SU preferences not set
  • NVIDIA control panel settings incorrect

Your hardware looks quite good.

Would need more details to make a good guess for your issue.

they actually have far less happening behind the screen…

for every action there is a finite number of possible next steps, with highly optimised assets…

SU cannot predict what you may do next and needs to be ready to deal with, potentially, unoptimised input…


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