Why is Sketchup being selective about what it will and will not re-size?

Head-rocker to belt pulley adaptor for STL metal print.skp (370.6 KB)
Only some of the groups in this model will respond to the command to ‘re-size’ (using the tape measure). The black grommetts flaking extreme left and right work ok, as does the central belt pulley. The main green shell is obstinately refusing to play. can’t see any logicak reason for this.

When I try resizing your model with the Tape Measure tool all of the objects resize for me.

Very often imported objects won’t resize with the Tape Measure tool unless they are opened for editing. That’s normal behavior and has existed for decades.

Is this supposed to be 3D printable? It’s got a lot of issues. Reversed faces (shown in pink), missing faces, and internal faces.

Thanks, I’ll try that. In the past, when it’s started creating I’ve taken the model to a new file or whatever and it has behaved itself there! This was in the 2017 version, now defunct.

Yes this WAS a 3D printed model and it turned out fine to my utter astonishment. Printed perfectly. I’ve probably screwed it up somewher since… :rofl: