Why Is it, Analytic Data does not correspond for each country when selecting a country for further analysis?

I’ve noticed when studying my analytic data for a particular model, that the numbers do not correspond. Eg when I hover over the uk it reads I have had over 1188 downloads within the year. However when i Click on the Uk it reads I have had 377 in England 1 in wales, 1 in Northern Ireland and 9 in Scotland. So Why is this? The same issues arise when choosing days, months etc

The higher-level detail is correct. The drill down to details within a country has some issues with the API’s we’re using to get this data. In the future, we’d like this data to be as accurate as it can be (IP to location is not always accurate), and if we can’t make it that way, we’ll pull this drill down feature out. For now, just know that there are lots of data points not mapped to that level of detail. We do believe the country level is accurate.

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