Why is component "strip 2" colored orange?

For practice I decided to model a chess board.
In my component window the component “strip 2” is colored orange and I’m not sure why that is.

chess board.skp (68.1 KB)


Orange is the back face color for the 3D Printing Style although it appears at some point you changed to a light lime green. (you didn’t change the name of the style or update the style change. :slight_smile: ) I wonder if the faces were reversed when you initially made the component. I exploded a copy of the component and remade it using the same name. When I replaced the old with the new, the color corrected itself.

I knew that orange looked familiar, but yeah I changed the background color 8 days ago so I thought it must be something else.

You are correct. I have it updated now. :slight_smile:

After reading your reply I pulled another copy of the component out into the model and Orient Faces on it, the color corrected itself then too. Then I deleted the extra component.


That’s odd. The faces don’t show as reversed in the square components inside that nest so there shouldn’t be anything to reorient.