Why is accessing Scrapbooks so slow? Video attached

Hi all, since “upgrading” to SU2021, the time it now takes to view my scrapbook directory dropdown is atrocious. Every time I access the scrapbook dropdown list, the program goes into Not Responding. Extremely frustrating.

As you can see from the attached video, it took 90secs to place 4 native scrapbook images that were immediately available to me in view. Less than ideal.

Can anyone shed light on this? Is this a bug in LO2021. This did not happen in previous 4 versions of LO.

I hope you can help. Someone from SU team?? Anyone??


This is what I see. I just opened LO2021 to make this GIF so hadn’t accessed the Scrapbook files before starting to record.

First question: Did you install SketchUp and LayOut correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

I normally do, but cannot recall. I shall re-install this way and see.

Shouldn’t need to uninstall. Just run the installer with the right click–Run as administrator and then choose repair.

Ran as-administrator. having same issues.

Make sure you graphic card drivers are up to date, from the manufacturer, not from windows.
Do you have any strange paths to your folders? Networked, non local?

I updated my driver. I moved my templates, scrapbooks and every other link from google cloud to c:/ SSDD. This has solved the issue. Thank you very much Box.

Strange that it wasnt a problem with previous SU/LO releases.

I can now stop looking at Black Friday revit sales!!! Thanks again!!!

In some circles It is generally accepted that Sketchup and layout work best when kept locally and only synced manually with network locations. The network bottleneck can cause a variety of issues. Many users can go their whole career working on network locations without issue, others have problems that can be devastating. We regularly see files that are unusable due to a failed save to a network location.

It’s no wonder it took so long, then. It would have been useful to know that you had moved the assets out of your computer.