Why does this happen?

I am seeing an issue……I am drawing up a new house design……all squared edges. I need to check the geometry after running an intersection with selection and a ton of hidden geometry lines appear. This shouldn’t be happening in my own mind.

Can someone look into the issue.

Here is an screen shot…….

it i hard to say without you sharing the model, but it looks like some geometry was moved out of plane and autofold went crazy moving geometry to keep everything connected.

I can share the model, but I already cleaned it up. When building the model I moved windows and doors along the wall plane and created the openings for them. I don’t understand why it doesn’t clean up the issues. I know I can turn off the hidden geometry, but why not just have a clean model.

This happens often in desktop too. When it happens I usually clean coplanar edges with Cleanup tools by Thomthom, in iPad I haven’t faced the issue yet, but I guess your best option is the eraser tool on those lines. If erasing one of the lines erases the face, it’s because you have accidentally moved geometry out of the plane.

In the desktop versions you see this sometimes from modeling with “length snapping” turned on . It can lead to very tiny errors that show up like you’ve shown. I assume length snapping is part of the iPad version ? If so unfortunately I don’t know where you look on iPad version to turn it off….

I feel like I saw this more often when I built with imported lines from dwg files. Now I most often trace over dwg files with native drawing tools instead. That may be anecdotal, and without basis, I don’t know.

With just native tools, I sometimes draw one big rectangle though the volume, intersect the faces, erase all the messed up parts and pull the new good face back out to the right thickness.

Gluing components can sometimes pull wall faces out of plumb. They are in a sort of limbo, trying to meet up with a gluing component that isn’t exactly on the face.

Anyway this sort of thing happens to me occasionally still. To fend it off, I try to keep wall surfaces clean and simple, square and realistic as possible, and watch for monkey business as I go.

Another way to mess up a wall is to make a selection on one side of the house, but catch an edge or two on the opposite side without knowing, and move them.

I am drawing from scratch….so that theory is kaput….

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