Why does the Page Dialogue resort every time i select?

Why does the Page Dialogue reset the list every time i select?

Every time i select a page it automatically sorts it to the bottom of the list.

Super annoying !!!

this is in SketchUp…?

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Sorry Layout, Sketchup does not have pages.

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that with 2019 or 2020…

The Pages Window in Layout does not have any sorting options. It only displays the pages in stack order, like a book.

The Page Setup Dialogue does not have a sort order either.

Can you describe your problem a little better, or show us some screen shots of what you are seeing?

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Yes I concur with what you said which is why it is odd.
Must be a glitch.
When I choose a page to work on it sorts that page to the bottom of the stack.

It happens if i am in a viewport and then change pages.
It shuffles and resorts the stack with the new selection at the bottom.

Screenshot 2020-10-19 154020

when you say that you are in a viewport when it happens, you’ve got Enable SketchUp model editing ticked in Preferences>General and you have doubled clicked on a viewport when you change page ?

Huh, I am trying but I cannot recreate this, apart from dragging them around manually. I see you have the start counting page for autotext page numbers at different pages in these two windows (the blue hashtag). This indicates that you have been into the document setup dialogue and changed some setting there, or you are dragging the pages around as the # is still set to your page 1 in both.

I can’t explain yet why simply selecting a page in the pages window would re order it. This happens immediately when you click on a page in the window? But only if you have a viewport open?

Any chance you can upload your Layout Doc?

No not a double click, just 1, to be able to manage tags and such.
then without clicking out just choose another page.
Enable SketchUp model editing is checked

Like endlessfix I can’t replicate this

Yeah now I can not either.
The column of windows flashes and refreshes when the page changes.
I expect it is tied to that.