Why does SketchUp suddenly want to access my contacts & calendar?

I have Pro 2018 on Mac, and have been using Sketchup for about 13 years. I just ran an update, and suddenly it wants to access my contacts and calendar.

I inadvertently said “yes” to my contacts (no to calendar) and now I would like to revoke access to contacts. I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE.

Talk about creepy. I have literally thousands of people in my contact list, and absolutely none of them need to have their information shared with SketchUp or Trimble. I also hope that someone out there isn’t sharing my information…

NOT COOL. Can someone please explain this, and where I can go to revoke access??

First of all, the dialog you are seeing is popped by macOS when an app visits certain folders on your system. This can be triggered by something as silly as the open file dialog when the folders are somewhere within the range you could navigate to, even if you and the app don’t actually go there. macOS has a bit of a hair-trigger about this, providing heightened security rather than risking a leak.

SketchUp does not actually do anything with your contacts or calendar.

You can change these settings from macOS System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy

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Thank you - found it. I’m a new Mac user, so that’s why.

To the best of my knowledge there’s no code in SketchUp that accesses your contacts or calendar, and most of the folks there would quit instead of implementing such a feature. FWIW.