Why does Layout apply a light tint over images?

Hello, when I send my model to layout, it applies a light tint over the image and loses the contrast and the sharpness. I have tried raster vs hybrid, that’s not the issue. Is this normal? A lot of detail gets lost.

I can’t see a “light tint”. Maybe it’s just the lower quality render used to speed up the process in LO. Or perhaps what you are seeing are thinner edges in LayOut than you see in your SketchUp model.

Share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.

You do not see the difference between these two images? It’s a pretty big difference to my eye. It’s an overall white tint over the image.

I can see it but hard to know what could be going on without seeing the file.

Ah ok, It says the file is too big. I’m quite new to SketchUp and first time in Layout. I’m not sure how to make the file smaller. Let me try to save a copy and delete most of the model.

That didn’t work. Shoot!

Use wetransfer, dropbox, google drive or any platform you prefer and share the link.

One is a 3D model and the other is a 2D rendering of the 3D model, very slight differences will occur.

That looks like there is a slight difference in the gamma correction between those 2 images - perhaps there is a difference between SketchUp and Layout and how they function on Mac OS - I can’t get that to work on Windows