Why do we have to sign in to all things *#*ing Trimble

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You can start by reading the licensing agreement of the software. That will provide a little overview, and insight so long as you are willing to think about how claimed rights (those reserved by Trimble, not what’s granted to you) start to intersect with third party affiliations.

It’s not meant to be clever, so much as it’s suppose to share in, and express my own frustrations.

You don’t like the excessive sign in procedure (which I agree)… and I’m not fan of all the casual acceptance that people have adopted… when they agree to licensing they’ve never even read.

We didn’t arrive here for no reason.

And unfortunately if I was Really Clever… I would have managed to make my point without being offensive directly towards you. It was meant to be more a side bar comment pointing to the origins of it all.

Anyhow, I apologize Robbie for the harsh overtones my comments sent in your direction. It was suppose to be much more generalized than that.

Next time you have more drafting work than you really want… send off some labor in my direction. And I’ll start trying to pay off the debt of my own insults. (* this offer only applies to Robbie).

Take Care, Robbie,


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No Worries Jim
I’m just venting, I’ve been using Sketchup for years and watched it slowly turn, from an affordable user friendly app, to a hefty, slow piece of expensive spyware.


I’m going to check into whether there is a technical reason why SketchUp 2018 would make you do separate sign ins for each online feature. With 2019, which is the first version that had a subscription, the sign in you do for your subscription to activate is supposed to work for SketchUp itself, and for the online features (3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Add Location), and not need you to sign in again for 28 days. That sign in for a SketchUp subscription doesn’t exist with 2018, and so each feature may be keeping its own cookie to note that you have signed in.

I wonder too about classic licenses, even with 2019 and later. I do know that if you have signed in when you have a classic license, the sign in is kept alive, mainly so that you can update your extensions, but those same online features do still have the 28 day sign in requirement. That does cause some confusion, because SketchUp is telling you that you are signed in, but the individual feature says you need to sign in to use that feature. Then you have to sign out and sign in again to get another run of 28 days without being bothered.

@Bryceosaurus may know the answers, or will have a better sense of who to ask about the problem.

Using classic 2019 and I don’t have to sign in except once (“all things Trimble”).

That’s good if it does work. Can you successfully use Add Location right away?

Yes I can log in then use Add Location.

Hey Robbie

How often are you being asked to sign in? We do require sign in on almost all our web services but we try to do it in a way that is shared and is only required every month or so. If you are being asked more often we might need to dig into that.

Product Manager - SketchUp Common Web Services

Every time I use the Android Viewer I have to sign in - it’s very tedious!

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Hey Paul

How often is that? Monthly? Daily?

@MikeTadros fyi

Every time I have closed down the PC completely and then start SU Pro '21 and start a new model, I am being asked to sign in to Trimble! It is really tiresome!!

Bryce, it’s not that often actually - certainly this last year.

I keep on forgetting that the app keeps asking me to sign in and then when I’m preparing to visit a client I go to access the app and it needs a sign in. And the sign in is rather cumbersome.

I did sign in earlier today and I just checked and it didn’t need a sign in.

Is there a time period after which a new sign in is required?

I could be wrong but my recollection when the app first came out (yep I spent nearly £10 on it) was that a sign in wasn’t required…

Is the machine yours? Or is it administered?
Do you use shortcuts or extensions?

Over the past couple years we’ve been updating our services to require sign in. I think almost all of them require sign in at some point. However they should only ask every 28-30 days. It should also only be necessary to sign in to one app/site/service during that period. Usually other apps/services can leverage the sign in token if it’s still valid. For example if you sign in to SketchUp Pro, 3D warehouse should also recognize you for 28 days.

That said it’s easy to clear cookies/tokens which is what Philip’s issue sounds like. Phillip I would check with your administrator to see if they can allow our apps to store your sign in tokens. Virtual machines can also complicate this situation. Either way if you tell your IT admin what’s going on they may be able to help.

One other thing to note is that Trimble is rolling out a new authentication platform later this year so things like the sign in frequency may change. There should also be some nice new features like the option to enable multi factor authentication. We’ll be messaging on these forums as that change gets closer.

I understand that this is how things are now, but it does seem redundant to have to sign into Warehouse when you’re already signed in to SketchUp, and accessing Warehouse from SketchUp, where you’re clearly already signed in. Not sure what the point is in logging anyone out so frequently in the first place.

This should not be the case unless your machine is blocking the storage of sign in tokens. If you’re signed into the SU desktop app, 3DW and EW will be able to recognize that you’ve been authenticated.

The general answer is “security requirements”. Sign in practices at Trimble need to be the same across a wide variety of applications and customers. We are working closely with various internal teams to balance making the systems as secure as possible while also minimizing overhead on our customers.

One thing you might consider is a password management service to help streamline singing in when required.

I believe I experience this too recently. I just went and used a web browser which is what I most often do anyway.

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I don’t know anything about tokens, but I do regularly have to log in to the Warehouse when launching it from an active SketchUp model. I had to do it today in fact when I checked after reading your post.

Thanks, but I have no issue remembering or managing my passwords. I am just commenting on the fact that I’m being asked to sign into Warehouse while I’m already signed in. I figured it should just “know” that I’m signed in and not ask again. Just my input.

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Next time this happens can you try to see if you were signed in to the SketchUp App? If you have a subscription, you should be signed in. However if you have a classic serial number sign in to the app isn’t required and it’s 3D Warehouse which is requesting the sign in.