Why do the groups in outliner, colored grey, (not toggled off or clear eyed) not open or respond to click?

I have a layout drawing that contains sketchup model with lines,dimensions and notes added. When I export it as a dxf file it opens on the other end with the lines, dimension and notes but does not show the sketchup model. The person I’ve sent it to says it shows the model as a png and unopenable. Is there something I missing about exporting layout to dwg or dxf. I also sent the dxf with the layout flattened to one layer. Thanks. Greg
BG. Engineer Transmittal (flat) .dxf (626.9 KB)
BG. Engineer Transmittal .pdf (2.4 MB)

It would be easier to tell by looking at the LayOut file but from your PDF, it looks like you didn’t render the viewports as Vector. They still appear to be Raster rendered so there wouldn’t be any vector lines from the model viewports in the DXf file.

What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you using? Please complete your forum profile.