Why do my SketchUp contours look terrible in Google Earth Pro?

I’m using SketchUp Make (yes this might be the problem…the free version) 15.3. When I create contours from a real location and export as .kmz to Google Earth Pro they look broken and shaky. I can play around with the exaggeration preferences in GEP but the contours never quite solidify. Any help would be appreciated!

One post on the topic would be enough.

Perhaps you could show us what you’re seeing? Share the SKP file? Give us something so we can help you.

Here are the SKP and KZM files.

Jeremy Watts

contours.kmz (164 KB)

I guess the SKP file was too big…here’s a screenshot if that helps.

In your screen shot it looks reasonable but I see the issue when I open the KZ in GE. It appears some of your contours fall below the terrain in GE. If you need a top view in GE, just move the contours up a few feet until they are all above the terrain.

How did you generate the contour lines?

Thanks! How do I move the lines up? And which program would I do this
in? I created them using a plugin that was given to me, but also I
create them by boxing up the element and intersecting faces at 1’, 5’ etc
intervals…if that makes sense.

Move them up in SketchUp with the Move tool. Maybe move them up about 25 feet.

My guess is the terrain you used to create the contours isn’t exactly the same as the terrain in GE.

Thanks so much, Dave. Had no idea I could move contours like that; it
worked like a charm.

Jeremy Watts

[image: http://edibleecology.net] http://edibleecology.net

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