Why do my guides partially disappear

why do my guidelines partially disappear? guides are turned on and i am not behind the face…i also am using perspective view. please see attached drawing with the view that shows on the file opening. I used the tape measure to snap to the left corner wall and made a guide using the green axis line and snapped to the wall on the right… thank you

861 Yellow Road-Park Home.skp (13.6 MB)
861 Yellow Road-Park Home.skp (13.6 MB)


Your model is located at a distance from the origin. Moving the axes doesn’t change that.

I moved the model back to the origin and that disappearing trick went away. I also fixed incorrect tag usage and purged unused. There were a lot of unused materials in the file.
Screenshot - 3_4_2022 , 6_48_53 AM

It would help iin your modeling if you turn off Length Snapping in Model Info>Units.

Here’s the purged file after moving it back to the origin. Take a look at the guides and see if they quit disappearing for you.
861 Yellow Road-Park Home purged.skp (11.6 MB)

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wow yes…that solved it, thank you so much…okay so i think i understand the model needing to be set to the correct axis…that makes sense. but on another note…i tried everything to get rid of all those unused tags (because i wanted my dwg import to be on one tag)…but they would not disappear. How did you delete them?

Actually it’s mainly a case of keeping your model close to the origin.

First, it’s better to think of tags going on objects, not the other way around. Tags should be given to or put on groups and components in the model, not on raw geometry (edges and faces).

I used an extension to go through the model and remove tags from the edges and faces and to generate the report. Once the tags weren’t assigned to anything they could be purged. If you know which tags you want to eliminate you can right click on them and choose Delete tag. You’ll be asked what to do with the stuff bearing the tag. Most likely you’ll choose to untag the objects.

Remember that only groups and components should have tags.

okay…thank you so much…i’ve done countless tutorials but this will take time! thanks so much for your prompt responses!!!


You’re welcome.

It shouldn’t take a lot of time to change your workflow. It should actually save you a lot of time.

As for the extension I used to untag all the geometry in your model, you can get it here.

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