Why do I get a phantom mirror image on my screen?

Hi, I’m new to the web version of sketchup, can someone explain why I get a dark phantom mirror image of my sketch that moves around when I orbit? It’s not a shadow and I have shadow turned off. Have tried to paste a picture below. Many thanks for any help - I’m a school teacher struggling in lockdown!


Looks like graphics card issues. What browser are you in? What are your graphics card specs? Your operating system?

Oh, hadn’t thought of that. I’m with Chrome and no idea what the graphics card is. Will try a different browser. Many thanks!

What operating system? Your profile says “free” but that’s not an operating system. I wonder if Chrome needs to be updated. It’s odd that Helen’s boots are appear to be transparent (and she has no feet in her boots).


Thanks, yes, just tried with Edge and no phantom image. Must be something up with Chrome. I’ll ask I.T to look at it. Thanks both of you - disaster averted, back on track now. Cheers